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How To Use Jugnoo Cash

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Jugnoo is a mobile app that allows users to order auto-rickshaws (three-wheeled taxis) in India. The app is available in English and Hindi. To use Jugnoo, users first need to download the app and create an account. Once they have done so, they can then search for an auto-rickshaw near their current location. Once they have found one, they can book it and pay for it using the app.

6 Steps to Use Jugnoo Cash

1. What is jugnoo cash? 2. How to use jugnoo cash? 1. Jugnoo cash is a type of digital currency that can be used to purchase goods and services on the Jugnoo platform. 2. To use jugnoo cash, simply create a Jugnoo account and add your desired amount of jugnoo cash to your account balance. You can then use this balance to pay for goods and services on the Jugnoo platform.

In the current technological era, it is very important for individuals to know how to use digital payment systems such as Jugnoo Cash. This is because more and more businesses are starting to adopt these methods of payment and individuals who do not know how to use them will be at a disadvantage. Jugnoo Cash is a very user-friendly digital payment system that allows users to make payments using their mobile phones. It is a very convenient way to make payments and is becoming increasingly popular. Individuals who know how to use Jugnoo Cash will be able to make payments quickly and easily, without having to carry around cash or cards.

Step 1: Jugnoo Cash Can Be Used To Pay For Goods And Services Online And Offline

To use Jugnoo cash, simply select it as a payment method when paying for goods and services online or offline. You may need to provide your mobile number or email address to complete the transaction.

Step 2: You Can Use Jugnoo Cash To Recharge Your Mobile Phone, Dth And Data Card

To use Jugnoo cash to recharge your mobile phone, DTH or data card, simply follow these steps: 1. Open the Jugnoo app and go to the ‘Cash’ section. 2. Enter the amount you wish to recharge. 3. Select your payment method as ‘Jugnoo cash’. 4. Enter your Jugnoo cash PIN and confirm the transaction.

Step 3: You Can Use Jugnoo Cash To Pay Your Utility Bills

1. Go to the ‘Jugnoo’ cashier in your nearest store. 2. Ask the cashier to pay your utility bills using ‘Jugnoo’ cash. 3. Enter the amount you wish to pay. 4. The cashier will print out a receipt for you to sign. 5. Keep the receipt as proof of payment.

Step 4: You Can Use Jugnoo Cash To Shop At The Jugnoo Store

Jugnoo cash is a special currency that can be used to purchase items from the jugnoo store. To use jugnoo cash, simply add the desired items to your cart and checkout as normal. On the checkout page, you will be given the option to use jugnoo cash as your payment method. Simply enter the amount of jugnoo cash you wish to use and confirm your payment. That’s it! Your jugnoo cash will be deducted from your total

Step 5: You Can Use Jugnoo Cash To Pay For Your Travel Tickets

You can use jugnoo cash to pay for your travel tickets by following these simple steps: 1. Download the jugnoo app and sign up for an account 2. Find a qualified travel ticket provider who accepts jugnoo cash 3. Enter the amount of jugnoo cash you’d like to use to pay for your travel tickets 4. Complete the payment process and enjoy your tickets!

Step 6: You Can Use Jugnoo

After downloading the app and creating an account, users can either request a driver for a specific destination or can choose to hail a nearby driver. To use Jugnoo cash, users simply need to have enough balance in their Jugnoo cash account and then request a ride. The amount will be deducted from the user’s Jugnoo cash balance once the ride is completed.


Overall, jugnoo cash is a very convenient way to pay for rides and other services. It is easy to use and offers a variety of payment options.

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