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How To Unlock Car2Go

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Car2go is a car rental service that allows users to unlock cars using their smartphones. Car2go members can unlock any available car2go within the designated car2go area by scanning the car’s QR code with their phone.

How To Unlock Car2Go

Car2go is a car-sharing company that allows users to unlock cars using their phones. To unlock a car, open the Car2go app and click on the “Unlock” button. Then, scan the QR code on the car’s windshield. If the code is not scanning correctly, try tilting your phone until the code is in focus. Once the code is scanned, the car will unlock and you can drive away.

-A computer -An internet connection -A car2go account

  • Scan the qr code on the car’s windshield the doors will unlock and you can
  • Tap the “unlock car” button
  • Open the car2go app on your smartphone
  • Sign in using your account information

-You will need to have your account username and password -You will also need to have the car2go app downloaded on your phone -Once you have logged into the app, select the car you wish to unlock -Hold your phone up to the windshield of the car and wait for the green light -The locks will automatically disengage and you can drive away

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To Summarize

There are a few ways to unlock a car2go. One way is to use the app on your smartphone. Another way is to use the card that came with your membership.

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