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How To Tip On Grubhub

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Grubhub is an online food ordering and delivery service. It partners with local restaurants to provide an online ordering and delivery system. Grubhub has a tipping policy that allows customers to tip their drivers through the Grubhub app. Tips are not included in the price of the order, and they are not required.

How To Tip On Grubhub

If you’re using Grubhub to get food delivered to your home, there’s no need to tip the driver. Grubhub will automatically add a delivery fee to your order, so the driver gets paid for their time and effort. However, if you’re picking up your food from the restaurant yourself, it’s customary to give a small tip of $1-5.

-A computer or phone with internet access -Grubhub account -Credit or debit card

  • Click on the “check out” button review your order and make
  • Login to grubhub
  • Find the restaurant you would like to order from
  • Select the items you would like to order

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do Grubhub Drivers Know If You Tip?

There is no definitive answer, but most drivers likely do not know if you have tipped them.

Do You Tip Before Or After On Grubhub?

I usually tip after, but I’ve also tipped before.

How Do I Add Tip To Grubhub After Delivery?

In order to add a tip to Grubhub after your food delivery, you will need to first create an account on their website. Once you have logged in, you can then select the order that you would like to add a tip to and click “Tip this order.” You will then be able to enter the amount that you would like to give as a tip.


Grubhub is a food delivery service that allows users to order food from local restaurants. There is no set tipping amount, but it is customary to leave a tip of 18-20% of the total order amount. Tips can be given in cash or through the Grubhub app.

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