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How To See Your Lyft Rating

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Lyft drivers are given a rating by passengers after each ride. To see your rating, open the Lyft app and tap on your profile photo in the top left corner. Then, select ‘Ratings.’ Your overall rating will be displayed at the top, followed by your ratings for different types of rides.

1 Steps to See Your Lyft Rating

If you want to see your Lyft rating, there are a few ways to do it. You can ask a driver during or after your ride, check your receipt, or look at the app. If you’re rating is low, there are a few things you can do to improve it. Try being more friendly, prompt, and considerate.

In our constantly connected world, it’s important to know how to see your Lyft rating. This rating is a measure of your customer service skills and is a key factor in whether or not you’ll get repeat business. A high rating means that you’re providing great service and keeping your passengers happy. A low rating can lose you business and may even get you removed from the Lyft platform. Learning how to see your Lyft rating is therefore essential for anyone who wants to be a successful driver.

Step 1: How To See Your Lyft Rating: 1. In The Lyft App, Tap The Menu In The Top Left Corner 2. Tap “Settings” 3. Scroll Down And Tap “Lyft Rating” 4. Your Current Rating Will Be Displayed

To see your Lyft rating, open the Lyft app and tap the menu in the top left corner. Then, tap “Settings” and scroll down to “Lyft Rating.” Your current rating will be displayed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is 4.9 A Good Lyft Rating?

A good Lyft rating is typically around 4.9.

What Is A Low Rating On Lyft?

A low rating on Lyft is when a driver rates a rider 2 stars or below.


Lyft riders can view their driver ratings by opening the Lyft app and selecting the ‘Profile’ tab. Under ‘Driver rating,’ riders can view their rating and the number of trips they have taken.

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