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How To Return Items On Instacart

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Instacart is an online grocery delivery service that allows you to order groceries from local stores and have them delivered to your doorstep. If you need to return an item, you can do so by contacting Instacart customer service.

How To Return Items On Instacart

There are a few ways to return items on Instacart. You can either call the customer service line and speak to a representative, you can email the customer service line, or you can go onto the website and fill out a return form.

-To return items on Instacart, you will need the original packaging, a printer, and the shipping label that was provided to you. -First, find the order in your account history and click “return.” -Next, print the return shipping label and attach it to the outside of the package. -Finally, drop the package off at your nearest UPS store or schedule a pick-up.

  • Locate the order you would like to return
  • Click on ‘return items’
  • Log into your instacart account
  • Select the items you would like to return click ‘submit return’

-How to return items on Instacart: -You can return most items within 14 days of delivery. -Just go to your account, select the order you want to return, and choose the item(s) you want to send back. -We’ll provide a prepaid shipping label for you to print out and attach to the package. -You can drop off the package at any UPS store or schedule a pick-up.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Return Something You Bought On Instacart?

Yes, you can return something you bought on Instacart. You can return items for a full refund within 7 days of delivery.

Can You Return Instacart Orders To The Store?

Some customers have attempted to return their Instacart orders to the store, but this is generally not possible. While stores may accept returns for items that were delivered by another means, this process can be complicated and inconvenient for both the customer and the store. As a result, most stores do not accept returns for items that were delivered by Instacart.

Can You Return Instacart Items To Publix?

Yes, you can return Instacart items to Publix.

Taking Everything Into Account

If you need to return an item to Instacart, you can do so by following the instructions on their website. You’ll need to contact customer service and provide them with your order number and the item you want to return. Depending on the item and where it was shipped from, you may be able to return it for a full refund or for a store credit.

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