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How To Report Lyft Driver Who Cancelled

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If a driver cancels on you, please report this immediately through the app so we can follow up. To do so, open the Lyft app and go to your ride history. Find the canceled ride, then tap the ‘…’ button in the top right corner. From there, select ‘Report Issue’ and choose ‘Driver Canceled.’

5 Steps to Report Lyft Driver Who Cancelled

If you cancel a Lyft ride after the driver has already arrived, you may be charged a cancellation fee. To avoid being charged, it’s best to cancel the ride as soon as you know you won’t need it.

One of the most important things you can do when using a rideshare service is to know how to report a driver who cancelled. This is important for a few reasons. First, it can help to ensure that you don’t end up getting stranded or having to find another way home. Second, it can help to ensure that the driver who cancelled is held accountable and may be less likely to do it again in the future. Finally, it can help to protect other passengers from being stranded or having their own rides cancelled.

Step 1: The Steps For How To Report A Lyft Driver Who Cancelled

1. Open the app and go to your profile. 2. Tap on ‘Settings’. 3. Tap on ‘Report a Problem’. 4. Tap on ‘Driver Cancelled’. 5. Select the driver you want to report and tap ‘Submit’.

Step 2: What To Do If Your Lyft Driver Cancels

If your Lyft driver cancels on you, the first thing you should do is report it to customer service. You can do this by going to the help center on the Lyft website and filling out a report. Include as much information as possible, such as the driver’s name and the time and location of the cancellation.

Step 3: How To Make A Complaint About A Lyft Driver Who Cancelled

If you were unhappy with a driver who canceled on you, we’re sorry about that. You can report this driver by going to the help center and submitting a form. We’ll follow up with this driver and take appropriate action.

Step 4: What To Do If Your Lyft Driver Is Late

If your Lyft driver is late, the best thing to do is to report it to Lyft. You can do this by going to the ‘report a problem’ section of the Lyft app.

Step 5: How To Cancel A Lyft Ride

If you need to cancel a Lyft ride, you can do so through the app. Simply open the app, go to your ride history, and select the ride you want to cancel. Then, select the ‘Cancel Ride’ button. You will be given the option to cancel your ride with or without a fee. If you cancel with a fee, you will be charged a cancellation fee of $5.00.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Would A Lyft Driver Cancel?

There are many reasons why a Lyft driver might cancel. Perhaps the driver was not able to find the pick-up location, or there was traffic and the driver was running late. Maybe the passenger was being unruly or there was some other issue that made the driver uncomfortable.

How Do I Report A Cancelled Lyft Ride?

In order to report a cancelled Lyft ride, you will need to contact Lyft customer support.

What Happens If Lyft Cancels?

If Lyft cancels, the driver may be charged a cancellation fee.

In Summary

There is not a definitive answer on how to report a Lyft driver who cancelled, as it may vary depending on the situation. However, contacting Lyft Customer Support may be the best course of action.

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