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How To Report A Driver On Doordash

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If you are a driver for Doordash and you receive a customer complaint, you should report the incident to Doordash immediately. You can report the complaint by email, phone, or through the Doordash driver app.

How To Report A Driver On Doordash

If you are a driver on DoorDash and have a complaint about another driver, you can report the incident to DoorDash. You can do this by emailing with the following information: -Your name -The name of the driver you are reporting -The date and time of the incident -The order number associated with the order -A brief description of what happened

-Computer or phone with internet access -Doordash app -Driver’s license or other form of identification -Location of driver

  • Scroll down to “report a problem”
  • Open doordash app and click on the “help” section
  • Select “i had a bad experience with a driver” enter your phone number

-If you are a driver and have a passenger who is not following the rules of the app or is being unsafe, you can report them to DoorDash. -To report a rider, open the app and go to the “Home” screen. Tap the three lines in the top left corner and select “Report a Problem.” -You will then be prompted to select the issue you’re experiencing. Select “Rider Issues,” then “Rider Behaviour.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Doordash Drivers Get Fired?

It is possible for DoorDash drivers to get fired, though the company has a policy against it. Drivers can be fired for poor service, violating the company’s code of conduct, or other reasons.

How Do I Report Someone On Doordash?

If you are a Dasher, and you have a concern about another Dasher, you can report them through the Help Center. Go to and click on “submit a request” at the top of the page. Then, select “Dasher Issues” from the menu and follow the instructions.

Can You Get Fired From Doordash For Your Acceptance Rate?

There is no explicit policy on DoorDash about terminations due to acceptance rates, but it is generally understood that if an individual is not able to meet the standards of meeting a certain number of deliveries in a certain period of time, they may be subject to termination.


If you are a customer who has had a negative experience with a driver on DoorDash, you can report the driver to DoorDash by submitting a complaint. To report a driver, you will need to provide the following information: the driver’s name, the restaurant where the order was placed, and your order number.

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