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How To Rent Car2Go For An Hour

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Car2go is a carsharing company which allows its users to rent cars by the minute, hour or day. The rental process is very simple: first, download the Car2go app and create an account. Next, enter your location and select the car you want to rent. Once you have reserved the car, you will receive a confirmation email with the car’s location and unlock code. To unlock the car, simply open the Car2go app and hold your phone up to

How To Rent Car2Go For An Hour

There are a few ways to rent a car2go for an hour. The first way is to open the car2go app and find the car you want to rent. Once you have found the car, tap on “Rent” and then select the amount of time you would like to rent the car for. The second way is to call the customer service line and ask for help finding a car to rent for an hour. The third way is to go to a car2go

There are a few things you will need in order to rent a car2go for an hour: -A valid driver’s license -Proof of insurance -A credit or debit card

  • Open the car2go app and sign in
  • Enter your location and search for cars near you
  • Select a car and confirm the rental park the car in a legal spot and end the rental

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Rent A Car From Your Phone?

Yes, you can rent a car from your phone. There are several apps and websites that allow you to do this.

How Do I Use Share Now App?

SHARE NOW is a platform for users to share files with others. Files can be shared through a link or by sending the file itself. The recipient does not need to have a SHARE NOW account in order to access the shared files.

Can Tourists Use Share Now?

SHARE NOW is a car sharing service that tourists can use to get around cities. The app connects drivers with people looking for a ride, so it’s perfect for tourists who don’t want to rent a car or deal with public transportation.


There are a few ways to rent a car2go for an hour. You can either reserve a car for an hour in advance, or you can use the “drive now” function to find a car that is available right away. If you need to return the car within an hour, you can park it in any legal spot within the designated Home Area.

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