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How To Register Longos Card

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A Longos card is a loyalty card which allows customers to accumulate points every time they make a purchase. These points can then be redeemed for discounts on future purchases. The card can be registered online or in store.

How To Register Longos Card

There are a few ways that you can register your Longos card. You can either go online to the Longos website and fill out the registration form, or you can visit your local Longos store and ask a staff member to help you register. When you register your card, you will be asked to provide your name, address, email address, and phone number. You will also be asked to choose a password and create a PIN for your card. By registering your card, you will

To register your Longos card, you will need: -Your Longos card number -Your name -Your email address -Your phone number -Your birthdate -The last 4 digits of your social insurance number

  • Enter the card number and pin
  • Fill out the registration form with your personal information
  • Click on the “submit” button
  • Go to the longos website and click on the “register” tab

-Your Longos card account number -Your postal code -The last four digits of your social insurance number -The amount of money you want to put on your card -Your email address

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Longos Membership?

A Longos membership is a program that rewards customers for their loyalty. Members receive a free item on their birthday, discounts on select items, and other special offers.

How Do You Get A Longos Membership?

You can get a Longos membership by filling out a form at any Longos store.

How Do I Add Points To My Longos Card?

To add points to your Longos card, visit the customer service desk at any participating Longos location and provide your name and card number.

Taking Everything Into Account

Longo’s cardholders can enjoy discounts, freebies and other privileges. To register your card, visit the Longo’s website and follow the instructions.

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