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How To Redeem Woolworths Christmas Rewards

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Woolworths Rewards is a customer loyalty program operated by Woolworths Group in Australia. The program launched on 1 November 2011, and replaced the Woolworths Everyday Rewards program. It is free to join and offers members rewards for spending money at Woolworths Supermarkets, BWS, BIG W, Caltex Woolworths Fuel, and online at

How To Redeem Woolworths Christmas Rewards

If you are a Woolworths Rewards member, then you will be able to redeem your rewards from December 1st. There are a few different ways that you can redeem your rewards, including using them to get money off your shopping, getting bonus offers and discounts, and even using them to get free products. To redeem your rewards, you will first need to sign into your Woolworths Rewards account. You can then choose how you would like to redeem your rewards. If you

To redeem Woolworths Christmas Rewards, you will need the following: -A valid Woolworths Rewards card -The redemption code located on your Rewards card -The barcode of the product you would like to redeem

  • Enter redemption code
  • Click on ‘redeem now’ receive email confirmation
  • Click on ‘activate rewards’
  • Login to woolworths rewards website

1. Make sure to have your Woolworths Rewards card with you when making purchases. 2. Scan your card at the checkout when making a purchase. 3. Receive points for every dollar you spend. 4. Collect rewards points and redeem them for Christmas gifts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Woolworths Rewards Money Expire?

There is no set time limit on how long Woolworths Rewards money lasts, but it is generally advisable to use it within a few years.

How Do I Claim My Woolworths Rewards Receipt?

To claim your Woolworths Rewards receipt, you will need to have your membership card and the receipt. You will then need to take the receipt to the customer service desk and they will scan it and give you your points.

How Do I Check My Woolworths Rewards Balance?

To check your Woolworths Rewards balance, you can either visit the Woolworths Rewards website or call the Woolworths Rewards helpline.


Redeeming Woolworths Rewards is easy. You can either do it online or in store. Simply enter your Rewards number and PIN and select the option you would like. You can choose to redeem your Rewards as a discount off your total purchase, or use them to get free products.

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