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How To Rate My Doordash Driver

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If you’re a DoorDash customer looking to rate your driver, you’re in the right place! This quick guide will show you how to rate your driver, and provide some tips on how to leave a great rating. Rating your driver is easy – just follow these simple steps: 1) Log in to your DoorDash account 2) Click on the “Order History” tab 3) Select the order you’d like to rate your driver for 4) Scroll down

How To Rate My Doordash Driver

If you’re using DoorDash, you may be wondering how to rate your driver. Drivers can only receive a rating of 5 stars, so it’s important to make sure your rating is accurate. Here are a few tips for rating your driver: -Be honest. If you had a good experience, give them 5 stars. If you had a bad experience, give them 1 star. -Make sure you’re rating the driver, not the food. The driver is

-A computer or phone with internet access -A doordash account -Your driver rating from your most recent doordash order

  • Open the doordash app and sign in
  • Tap on the three lines in the top left corner of the app
  • Tap “driver ratings” rate your driver on a scale from 15, with 1 being

-How was your driver’s appearance? -Did your driver have a good attitude? -Was your driver respectful? -Did your driver provide good service?

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Recommend A Doordash Driver?

If you enjoyed your DoorDash experience with a certain driver, we encourage you to recommend them to your friends and family. Drivers can only receive recommended status if they provide great service and meet our quality standards.

Can Doordash Customers Choose Their Driver?

Yes, DoorDash customers can choose their driver. Customers are able to see a driver’s picture and read their bio before they choose them.

How Do I See My Dasher Ratings?

Your Dasher rating is a measure of how well you are performing as a Dasher. It is calculated based on the number of orders you have completed, the number of deliveries you have made, and the time it took you to complete those deliveries.


Based on the experience, I would rate my doordash driver as a 3 out of 5.

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