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How To Pay On Instacart

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Instacart is an online grocery delivery service. Customers can choose items from a store’s inventory, and a personal shopper will pick and deliver the items to the customer’s door.

How To Pay On Instacart

There are a few ways that you can pay for your groceries on Instacart. You can use a credit card, debit card, or your Amazon account. If you are a first time user, you can also use your PayPal account.

-instacart app -credit card or debit card

  • Select the items you want to purchase and add them to your cart
  • Enter your payment information and confirm the order
  • Visit the instacart website and create an account
  • Proceed to checkout and fill out your shipping information

1. Check the Instacart website for a list of accepted payment methods. 2. Choose a payment method and enter your payment information. 3. Verify your purchase and hit “submit.” 4. You will receive a confirmation email from Instacart confirming your order.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Use My Debit Card On Instacart?

To use your debit card on Instacart, simply enter your debit card information at checkout. Your card will be charged for the order, and you will receive a receipt via email.

Can I Shop For Instacart Without The Card?

Yes, you can shop for Instacart without the card.

How Do I Pay With Instacart Shopper Card?

To pay with your Instacart shopper card, simply present the card to the cashier at checkout and they will process the payment.

In Closing

There are a few ways to pay on Instacart. You can either use a credit card, debit card, or your Amazon account.

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