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How To Order Food On Swiggy In Hindi

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Swiggy is an online food ordering and delivery service headquartered in Bangalore, India. The company operates in over 20 cities across India. Swiggy allows users to order food from restaurants that do not have their own delivery service.

How To Order Food On Swiggy In Hindi

There are a few things you need to keep in mind while ordering food on Swiggy in Hindi. Firstly, make sure that you know the name and address of the restaurant you would like to order from. Next, enter the name of the dish you would like to order in Hindi. If you are not sure how to spell it, you can use the English spelling and Swiggy will automatically translate it into Hindi for you. You can also use the

To order food on Swiggy, you will need to have the Swiggy app installed on your phone and an internet connection. You can either search for restaurants near you or browse by cuisine. Once you’ve found a restaurant you like, select the food you want and add it to your cart. You can then checkout and pay for your food.

  • Open swiggy app
  • Enter your delivery address enter your food order and payment details click on submit order
  • Choose the food you want to order
  • Select your location

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Frequently Asked Questions

खाना ऑर्डर करने के लिए कौन सा ऐप डाउनलोड करें?

There are a number of food delivery apps available for download. Some of the more popular ones include Zomato, Swiggy, and Foodpanda.

खाना कैसे आर्डर करें?

आर्डर के लिए कैसे खाना आना चाहिए? To order food, one can either go to a restaurant or use a food delivery service.

खाना कैसे आर्डर करते हैं?

How to order food? One can order food by going to a restaurant’s website or by using an app on their phone.

In Closing

Swiggy is a food ordering app that lets you order food from your favourite restaurants. The app is available in Hindi and other languages. Swiggy offers discounts on food orders and also offers home delivery.

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