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How To Mount Phone In Car2Go

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Car2go is a car sharing service that allows users to rent cars by the minute, hour, or day. The service is available in select cities across the United States and Europe. In order to use the service, you must first become a member. You can then reserve a car using the Car2go app or website.

How To Mount Phone In Car2Go

If you’re a Car2go member, you can easily mount your smartphone in the car to use while driving. Simply follow the instructions below. 1. Open the glove box and locate the Car2go phone mount. 2. Lift up the cover of the phone mount and remove the adhesive backing. Be sure to place the mount in a location where it will not obstruct your view while driving. 3. Stick the mount to your smartphone and attach the Car2

– car mount – suction cup or adhesive mount – phone

  • Select the car you wish to drive tap “mount” in the bottom right
  • Open the car2go app and sign in
  • Tap the menu button in the top left corner of the screen and select “car”

-You will need a phone mount for your car2go. -There are many different types of phone mounts available on the market. -You will need to decide which type of phone mount is best for you and your car2go. -Some factors you may want to consider when choosing a phone mount include the type of mount, the size of your phone, and the type of holder.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where Should I Put My Phone Mount On My Car?

There are a few different options for where you can put your phone mount on your car. You can put it on the windshield, on the dashboard, or on the air vent.

How Do You Mount A Phone Windshield?

Windshield mounts vary in design but typically include a suction cup to attach to the windshield and a cradle or arm to hold the phone. The phone mount should be adjustable to fit different-sized phones and have a strong grip to keep the phone in place.

Can I Have A Phone Holder On My Windshield?

There is no federal law prohibiting the use of phone holders on windshields, but individual states may have their own laws. Some states, like California, prohibit any object from being placed on a windshield that obstructs the driver’s view.


There are a few ways to mount your phone in a car2go. One option is to use the provided phone mount, which attaches to the dashboard. Another option is to use a phone mount that attaches to the air vent.

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