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How To Lock U Haul Trailer

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U-Haul provides both the hitch lock and cable lock to secure your trailer. The hitch lock is a hasp that fits over the receiver hitch and the cable lock is a steel cable with a loop on one end and a padlock on the other end.

How To Lock U Haul Trailer

There are many ways to lock a U-Haul trailer. One way is to use a hitch lock, which can be purchased at most U-Haul locations. Another way is to use a cable or chain lock, which can also be purchased at most U-Haul locations.

U-haul has a variety of trailer locks to choose from, but you can also use a standard padlock. You will need a key or combination to open the lock.

  • Turn the key to the locked position
  • Locate the trailer coupler lock and insert the key
  • Get out of the truck and walk around to the back

-Make sure the trailer hitch is secure and the locking pin is in place -Close and lock all trailer doors -Turn off the power to the trailer brakes -Route the breakaway cable around a sturdy post or object

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Lock My U-Haul?

To lock your U-Haul, you will need to use the key that came with your truck. Insert the key into the lock on the driver’s side door and turn it to the left. This will lock the door. To unlock the door, turn the key to the right.

How Do You Secure A U-Haul Trailer Overnight?

You can secure a U-Haul trailer overnight by using a hitch lock and cable, or by chaining it to a fixed object.

Do I Need A Lock For A U-Haul Trailer?

For a U-Haul trailer, you will likely need a lock. U-Haul recommends using a sturdy padlock that can’t be easily cut with bolt cutters.

To Review

To lock a U-Haul trailer, first make sure that the trailer is properly connected to the towing vehicle. Once connected, locate the locking mechanism on the trailer tongue and use the key to unlock it. Push the locking pin into the hole to secure the trailer.

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