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How To Get Ola Share Pass

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Ola share pass is a program by ola that allows users to share rides and get discounts on their rides. To get ola share pass, users need to download the ola app and sign up for an account. Once they have an account, they can book a ride and select the share pass option.

6 Steps to Get Ola Share Pass

There are a few simple steps to get an Ola Share Pass – 1. Download the Ola app and sign up for an account 2. Select the ‘Share Pass’ option from the app menu 3. Choose the plan that best suits your needs 4. Apply the promo code (if any) and make the payment 5. Once the payment is successful, the Share Pass will be activated on your account

In a fast-paced world, it is more important than ever to know how to efficiently and effectively get around. Ola share pass is one way to do just that. With Ola share pass, you can save time and money by sharing your ride with someone else. Not only is this a great way to get around, but it also helps build community and connect people.

Step 1: To Get An Ola Share Pass, Open The Ola App And Select The ‘Share’ Option From The Main Menu

To get an ola share pass, open the ola app and select the ‘share’ option from the main menu. Then, enter your mobile number and choose the payment method. Once you have completed these steps, you will receive a share pass which you can use to share your ride with others.

Step 2: In The Share Passes Section, Select The ‘Share A Pass’ Option

In the share passes section, select the ‘share a pass’ option. You will be asked to enter the amount of time for which you want to share the pass. The person with whom you share the pass will be able to use it for the selected amount of time.

Step 3: Select The Type Of Pass You Want To Share (Hourly, Daily Or Weekly)

If you want to share an Ola Share Pass with someone, you need to first select the type of pass you want to share. You can choose to share an hourly, daily, or weekly pass. After selecting the type of pass, you will need to enter the passcode that was sent to you via text message. Once you have entered the passcode, you will be able to choose how many hours, days, or weeks you want to share the pass for.

Step 4: Enter The Email Address Of The Person You Want To Share The Pass With

If you want to share your Ola share pass with someone, you need to enter their email address into the app. Once you have done that, they will be able to see your pass and use it to book their own rides.

Step 5: Select The Start And End Date For The Pass

In the “Select the start and end date for the pass” step of getting an Ola Share Pass, riders select the start and end date for their pass. This is done by clicking on the calendar icon and selecting the start and end date from the pop-up calendar.

Step 6: Enter The Promo Code If You Have One

If you have an Ola Share Pass promo code, you can get a discount on your first ride. To get the discount, simply enter the promo code when prompted during sign-up.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Share My Ola With Friends?

Ola is a rideshare app that allows users to share rides with friends. To share your Ola with friends, simply open the app and tap on the “Share” button. From there, you can select which friends you’d like to share your ride with.

What Is Ola Pass And How It Works?

Ola pass is a subscription service from Ola that offers discounts on rides. It works by offering a set number of discounted rides each week, up to a certain amount.

To Summarize

The best way to get an Ola Share Pass is to sign up for the Ola Prime subscription. This will give you unlimited rides within a city for a monthly fee.

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