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How To Get Costco Orders On Instacart

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Costco is a membership warehouse club that offers a variety of products, including groceries, appliances, and clothing. Costco members can order select items from and have them delivered to their door through Instacart.

How To Get Costco Orders On Instacart

Costco orders can be placed on Instacart in the same way as any other order. First, create an account or sign in to your existing account. Next, search for Costco in the search bar and select it as your store. Once you have selected Costco, you will be able to browse the aisles and add items to your cart. Be sure to check the price and Instacart’s delivery fee before placing your order.

-Costco membership -Computer or mobile device -Internet access -Instacart account

  • Checkout and complete your purchase your order will be delivered to you by instac
  • Select costco as your preferred store
  • Browse the costco selection and add items to your cart
  • Log into your instacart account

-Check Costco’s inventory online to see if they have the item you want before placing an order on Instacart. -Only order items that are available at Costco. -Place your order before 12pm for same-day delivery. -The delivery fee is $5.99, but it’s waived for orders over $35.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Time Do Costco Batches Start On Instacart?

Costco batches typically start at 11am on Instacart.

Do You Get Costco Points On Instacart?

Yes, Costco members can earn rewards on Instacart.

How Early Do Instacart Batches Start?

Typically, Instacart batches start at 8 am.

In Summary

There are a few ways to get your Costco orders on Instacart. You can either have the Instacart shopper purchase items from Costco and have them delivered to you, or you can add your Costco membership card to your Instacart account and order items directly from

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