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How To Enter Ecertificate Code In Enterprise Car Rental

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If you have an Enterprise rental car reservation, you can manage and modify your reservation by entering your ecertificate code on the Enterprise website. After you enter your ecertificate code, you can view your rental agreement, update your contact information, add or remove drivers, and more.

How To Enter Ecertificate Code In Enterprise Car Rental

When you rent a car from Enterprise, you will be given a certificate code. This code is used to unlock the car and start the rental. To enter the code, follow these steps: 1. Open the key fob. 2. Look for the small black button on the side of the fob. 3. Press and hold the button until the LED light begins to blink. 4. Enter your certificate code into the keypad that appears on the screen.

-Computer -Internet connection -Enterprise Car Rental ecertificate code

  • When you pick up your rental car, show your ecertificate and driver’s license
  • In the “special requests” field, type “ecertificate”
  • Enter the ecertificate code in the reservation

– Look for the ECertificate Code Box on the Enterprise website – Enter the ECertificate Code and click “Apply” – If you have any problems, please call the Enterprise Rent-A-Car reservation center at 1-800-325-8007

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Enter A Promo Code On Enterprise?

To enter a promo code on Enterprise, navigate to the “Reservations” tab and select “Use a Promo Code.” then enter the code and click “Apply.”

How Do I Use My Free Day At Enterprise?

You can use your free day at Enterprise to rent a car and explore the area.

How Do I Enter My Promo Code?

To enter your promo code, first open the Settings menu and select ‘Promo Code’. Then, enter your promo code and click ‘Submit’.

In The End

To enter the ecertificate code in Enterprise Car Rental, go to the company’s website and click on “Enter a Promo Code” at the top right of the homepage. Enter the code in the text field and click “Apply.”

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