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How To Delete Jugnoo Account

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If you’re no longer using your Jugnoo account and would like to delete it, follow the steps below. Note that once your account is deleted, you will not be able to reactivate it. To delete your Jugnoo account: 1. Log into your account and go to your account settings. 2. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the “Delete Account” button. 3. Enter your password to confirm and click on the “Delete Account” button again. Your account will now be deleted and you will be logged out.

3 Steps to Delete Jugnoo Account

Hello, If you want to delete your jugnoo account, you can follow the steps below: – Login to your jugnoo account – Go to the settings page – Scroll down to the bottom and click on the “Delete Account” button – Confirm the deletion by clicking on the “Delete” button again Your account will now be permanently deleted.

Assuming you would like a paragraph on the importance of learning how to delete a Jugnoo account: Jugnoo is a social media platform that allows users to connect with friends and family. It is important for users to know how to delete their account if they no longer want to use the service. If users do not know how to delete their account, they may continue to receive unwanted messages and notifications from Jugnoo. Additionally, if users do not delete their account, their personal information may be at risk.

Step 1: The User Can Delete Their Jugnoo Account From The Settings Section Of The App

The user can delete their jugnoo account from the settings section of the app. To do so, they need to first log into their account. Once they are logged in, they will need to go to the settings section and look for the option to delete their account. Once they find that option, they will need to click on it and confirm their decision to delete their account.

Step 2: The User Will Need To Provide Their Email Address And Password To Delete The Account

In order to delete their Jugnoo account, the user will need to provide their email address and password. Once the user has provided this information, they will be able to delete their account.

Step 3: The Account Will Be Deleted Within 24 Hours And The User Will Not Be Able To Access It Again

The account will be deleted within 24 hours and the user will not be able to access it again.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Jugnoo Comfort Taxi?

Jugnoo Comfort is a taxi service that allows users to book and pay for rides through their smartphone. The app provides an estimate of the fare, and the user can choose to pay by cash or credit card.

What Is Jugnoo?

Jugnoo is a app-based transportation service that allows users to order a auto-rickshaw through their smartphone.

Does Jugnoo Work In Ahmedabad?

Yes, Jugnoo works in Ahmedabad.

How Do You Use The Jugnoo App?

Jugnoo is a ride-hailing app that allows users to book a ride with a few taps. The app is available in major Indian cities.


To delete a jugnoo account, go to the Settings page and scroll down to the bottom. Click on the Delete Account button, enter your password, and click on the Delete Account button again.

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