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How To Contact Uber Eats Driver After Delivery

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If you have any questions or problems with your order, you can contact the Uber Eats driver directly. You can find the driver’s contact information in the receipt that was emailed to you after your order was delivered.

How To Contact Uber Eats Driver After Delivery

If you need to contact your Uber Eats driver after they’ve delivered your food, there are a few ways to do so. You can either: -Call the driver using the number listed on the receipt -Send a message to the driver through the Uber Eats app -Contact the driver through the driver’s personal cell phone number

-smart phone with uber eats app installed -driver’s name and contact information

  • Click on that and a form will pop up
  • Open the uber eats app and go to the “order history” tab
  • Under the order that you just received, there should be a button that says “contact driver”

below -If there are any issues with the order, contact the driver directly -Be sure to rate the driver and order -Leave feedback for Uber Eats

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Send A Message To Uber Eats Driver?

To send a message to an Uber Eats driver, open the app and select the menu in the top left corner. Select “Order History” and then tap on the order you would like to contact the driver for. Once you have opened the order, press “Contact Driver” and type your message.

What To Do After You Deliver Uber Eats?

After you deliver Uber Eats, you should wait for your next delivery request.

What Are The Stages Of Uber Eats?

The stages of Uber Eats are as follows: 1. Sign up for Uber Eats 2. Add your delivery address 3. Browse local restaurants and menus 4. Choose what you want to eat 5. Place your order 6. Track your order in real-time 7. Get your food delivered


If you are happy with your Uber Eats delivery, be sure to rate your driver and leave a review. You can also contact Uber Eats if you have any questions or feedback about your order.

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