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How To Cancel Shipt

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If you need to cancel your Shipt membership, please follow these instructions: Log in to your account at and click “My Account” in the top right corner of the page. Under “Membership & Subscriptions”, click “Cancel Membership”. Enter your password and click “Cancel Membership” again. Your membership will be cancelled and you will no longer be charged.

How To Cancel Shipt

There are a few ways to cancel Shipt: 1. Login to your account on and select “Cancel Membership” under the “Account” tab. 2. Email with your name and Shipt username and we will take care of it for you! 3. Give us a call at 844-874-7468 and we would be happy to help you cancel over the phone!

– Internet access – A computer with a web browser – Your Shipt account information

  • Select “my account”
  • Under “membership & billing” select “cancel membership” input your password and click “cancel membership”
  • Log into your shipt account

– How to cancel Shipt – What to do if you want to cancel your Shipt membership – How to return your Shipt welcome kit – Contacting Shipt customer service

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Cancel My Shipt Membership At Target?

To cancel your Shipt membership at Target, you can call Target’s Guest Relations at 1-800-591-3869.

How Do I Manage My Shipt Membership?

To manage your Shipt membership, you can login to your account on the Shipt website or through the Shipt app. From there, you can view your account information, update your payment information, and more.

What Is Target Shipt Membership?

Target Shipt membership is a program that allows customers to pay a monthly fee in order to receive free shipping on all Target orders.


There are a few ways to cancel your Shipt membership. You can either call or email Shipt’s customer service, or you can login to your account and cancel there.

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