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How To Cancel Gojek Ride

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If you wish to cancel your Gojek ride, you may do so through the app. Simply open the app, go to your ride history, and select the ride you wish to cancel. Then, select the cancel button and confirm your cancellation. Your driver will be notified of the cancellation and you will not be charged for the ride.

1 Steps to Cancel Gojek Ride

There are a few ways to cancel your Gojek ride. You can cancel it through the app, by calling customer service, or by emailing customer service. If you cancel within 10 minutes of placing your order, you will not be charged a cancellation fee.

In today’s world, it is more important than ever to know how to cancel a gojek ride. With the popularity of ride-sharing apps like gojek, it is becoming increasingly common for people to use these services to get around. However, there are also a lot of potential problems that can arise from using these services. For example, if you need to cancel your ride for any reason, it is important to know how to do so. Otherwise, you may end up being charged for a ride you didn’t take, or worse, you could end up in a dangerous situation. Learning how to cancel a gojek ride is therefore an important skill to have.

Step 1: Cancel Gojek Ride In App Cancel Gojek Ride Through Call Centre Receive Confirmation For Cancellation Refund For Cancelled Ride

To cancel a Gojek ride that has been booked through the app, simply call the customer service centre and request for a refund. The representative will process the cancellation and provide a confirmation. A refund for the cancelled ride will then be provided.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Get A Refund On Gojek?

Unfortunately, at this time Gojek does not offer refunds. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Can I Cancel Gojek Order?

Cancelling a Gojek order is possible but may not always be successful. If you cancel an order, you will be refunded the amount you paid for the order minus a cancellation fee. The cancellation fee is usually around 10% of the order total. To cancel an order, you will need to contact Gojek customer service.


In order to cancel a Gojek ride, the passenger needs to contact the driver either through the Gojek app or by phone. If the passenger is unable to reach the driver, they can contact Gojek customer service.

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