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How To Apply Ola Share Pass While Bookong

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If you are an Ola Share Pass holder, you can apply your pass while booking a ride. Simply select the ‘Share Pass’ option on the payment page and enter your pass details. Your ride fare will be discounted accordingly.

1 Steps to Apply Ola Share Pass While Bookong

.. Ola Share Pass is a new concept introduced by Ola to make your ride economical. This pass can be bought on a daily, weekly or monthly basis and the price of the ride gets cheaper as the duration of the pass increases. To apply Ola Share Pass while booking, select the Share Pass option in the Ola app and enter the code given to you. The price of the ride will be discounted accordingly.

Assuming you would like a paragraph on the importance of learning how to apply an Ola Share Pass while booking: An Ola Share Pass can be a great money saver for those who frequently use the ride-hailing service. In order to apply the pass, one must first book a ride and then select the “Share Pass” option from the menu. This can be a great way to save money, especially if you are traveling with others, as the fare will be split between the passengers. However, it is important to note that the pass must be applied before the ride is booked in order to receive the discount.

Step 1: Open The Ola App Select The Share Pass Option Select The Number Of Passengers Select The Date And Time Of Travel Select The Pickup And Dropoff Points Enter The Name And Mobile Number Of The Passenger Click On ‘Book’

To apply an Ola Share Pass while booking a ride, open the Ola app and select the Share Pass option. Then, select the number of passengers, the date and time of travel, and the pickup and dropoff points. Next, enter the name and mobile number of the passenger. Finally, click on ‘Book’.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where Is Ola Share Option In Ola App?

Ola share is not available in the Ola app.

Can We Book Ola In Sharing?

Yes, you can book an Ola cab in sharing.

Taking Everything Into Account

Ola Share Pass can be applied while booking a ride. The user needs to first select the Share Pass option on the Ola app. Then, he needs to enter the promo code and hit the Apply button.

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